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The art of planning a specific room in such a way, that it adds function and character to the house. Each person has his or her individuality, so the design of the house will represent the taste and needs of the person living in the house. I will provide you with a space that is balanced and harmonious. I expect to be fully engaged in your project at all times, working with you from initial design concepts through installation and completion of your project. My services include surveys and space planning solutions. AutoCAD floorplans & elevations are available for your contractors.


The art of dressing and preparing your property for sale in the hopes of achieving a faster sale at the best price. The goal of staging is to make your property appeal to the highest number of potential buyers. When selling a property you need to allow the viewers to see the potential in your house and imagine it as their own! A new home setup requires that time consuming and often overwhelming task of unpacking and setting up. Using a home stager is significantly less expensive than you might imagine. I can save you from making costly mistakes.


One of the fastest, most efficient ways to make a positive change in your life. Clutter and disorganization are both causes and effects of stress. Can't find anything? Too embarrassed to have anyone over because your clutter is out of control? Decluttering is essential to allow you to reclaim your space and move forward. I want to help you optimize your home and give you more time for doing the things you enjoy!

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